Promoting User-Centred Design in MANUFUTURE

I attended the 6th Workshop of the MANUFUTURE AET community in Valencia, 11th July 2012. I gave a short presentation (attached) on the importance of UCD in agricultural innovation processes. The message was that

‘User-Centered topics should be emphasized among the European research priorities in Agricultural Engineering. The research should be more directed towards the acceptability of new technologies. The innovation process itself should be an important topic. ‘

Hannu Haapala

Initiative for MANUFUTURE

Manufuture Initiative

1 thought on “Promoting User-Centred Design in MANUFUTURE

  1. Graham A.B.Edwards

    I shouldlike the orientation of this kind of work to be concerned NOT only in a Plowing Culture but ALSO in a Conservation Agriculture [ Zero-Tillage,Direct-Seeding,Crop-Rotation ++] farming culture.
    The work of Precision Farming ,whilst important to all kinds of ” farming system work ” is much simplified [in variety of TASK terms & therefore equipment specification ] when Conservation Agriculture & Precision Agriculture are conducted TOGETHER ………..I do not see any recognition of this FACT………[ FAO,ECAF,Derpsch,Kassam,Friedrich,Vic.Jordan ++] in the MANUFUTURE plans & commentaries seen to date.?

    In UK,we have opened a new Precision Agriculture centre and whereas the Ploughing culture is central to their work ,the absence of a realistic understanding of C.Ag is clearly evident .

    Any futuristic R&D that is directed to modern technology must have the IMPORTANT Ecological objectives of the whole farming world [ Also outside Europe & inside EC, where ECAF have produced their explanation of the changes that have to come in the CAP-reforms].within its orbit.
    I look forward to seeing the Overview of the different farming Paradigms [so well expressed in the 6th Hugh Bunting Lecture at Reading University 13th June 2011] INCLUDED & separated in some form of Work Task Analysis.
    [ A Calendar of activities similar to those illustrated but ONLY THOSE which are relevant to the new Paradigm of C.Ag. and therefore SEPARATED as DIFFERENT & REDUCED work tasks of farmers when CAg replaces the PLOWing-Dominated ,historical farming system.]

    A recognition that Precision Farming is vital to both kinds of farming system would be a start.

    What however is simply ESSENTIAL is that the future in farming [In terms of Systems adopted ] has already changed in many parts of the world and is more slowly changing,despite ECAF efforts],in EC

    Since over 115 million Hectares of land in 2008-2009 was in Conservation Agriculture [Zero-Tillage] and the growth in Canada so strong in recent years ,it is certainly ESSENTIAL to bring the Precision Agriculture Tools in to this area of Futuristic farming systems.
    Graham A.B.Edwards


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