Agrinnotech speeds up innovation and accelerates business, especially in agriculture and bioeconomy. We plan and run related research and development projects and provide innovation management consulting. Environmental measurement and control systems are our specialties. 

Hannu Haapala
DrSc PhD MSc in Agricultural Engineering
Founder of Agrinnotech


The main aim of Agrinnotech is to find ways to make the innovation process quick and effective. Effective innovation makes better business.

We consider User-Centred Design as the starting point for all sustainable innovation. Multi-Actor Approach is the key to better acceptance of the outcomes of innovation processes. Acceptable products and services are more easily taken into practical use, thus enhancing innovation and related business.

We plan and run research and RDI projects all the way from ideas to results / from application to utilization in business. We make feasibility studies on new business ideas and technologies. Our Innovation Analysis reveals weak points in the innovation processes. Based on these we always give practical recommendations for further actions.

On top of these, we plan, instrument and realize optimized systems for the measurement of environmental parameters (odor and GHG gas emissions, imaging, UAVs, photogrammetry, etc.).

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