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Experts say: acceptability and trust are important research topics

The preliminary results of my OECD CRP research ‘Speeding up innovation in agriculture’ suggest topics for future research. Replies of experts around the world rate the acceptability of new technology as the most important research topic. Right after comes trust in complex technologies and how it is built. See

Hannu Haapala

Preliminary results of the research

Dear Friends,

I am delighted with the current high-quality answers to my questionnaire. I must admit that the questionnaire is quite long and takes some time to answer. The issue of UCD in agricultural engineering is not an easy one. An old Finnish saying fits here: ‘If this was easy others would do it’! I need your expertise.

Here are some preliminary results for your attention: the respondents and their research priorities so far (5th March 2012).

More recipients are needed especially in the following areas of expertise: ■Industrial designers ■Software designers ■Manufacturers ■Funders ■Politicians ■Sellers ■Young professionals in all categories!

So, please, forward the link to potential recipients and ask them to answer the questionnaire.

Best regards, Hannu E. S. Haapala